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NUMECA FINE/Acoustics 8.1 用於執行氣動-振動-聲學建模













-Ffowcs Williams&Hawkings(FW-H)解算器實現了一種聲學模擬,以模擬由固定或旋轉的固體或可滲透表面發出的噪聲。











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Fine / Acoustics - a software package designed to perform aero-vibro-acoustic modeling. The application provides great opportunities for solving a wide range of aero-acoustic and associated vibro-acoustic problems, starting from simple evaluative calculations at the stage of designing parts and mechanisms, ending with a detailed large-scale analysis of complex systems.

Main features of Fine / Acoustics:
-Calculation of aeroacoustics and acoustics for various types of devices: aircraft engines and engine nacelles, propellers, open rotors of counter rotation, compressors, turbines, noise of aircraft bodies and wing surfaces, helicopter propellers, wind turbines, ventilation and air conditioning systems, air ducts, car mufflers and exhaust pipes, propellers, etc.
-Calculation of vibroacoustics for various types of devices: vibrating structures, NVH (Noise-Vibration-Harshness; Noise - Vibration - Stiffness), water pumps, ship structures, sound-absorbing panels, engine noise, acoustic fatigue, etc.
-Adaptive meshes built using HEXPRESS / Hybrid. The CAD preparation module and the parallel meshing system implemented in NUMECA generate body conformal grids on arbitrary geometry.
-Direct import of CFD grids and projection of CFD results onto an acoustic grid.
-Import of structural solids grids and import of strength analysis results (for vibro-acoustic problems).
-Large set of acoustic boundary conditions and equivalent acoustic sources
-Ease of use of boundary conditions and the flexibility of defining multiple domains.
-Prediction of broadband noise produced by isotropic turbulence based on CFD RANS calculation
-FlowNoise (DSNG) is designed to predict broadband noise produced by isotropic turbulence. Based on CFD RANS calculation.
-Implementation of various calculation algorithms: finite element method (FEM) and boundary element method (BEM). A
-frequency response solver (sharing of finite and boundary elements FEM / BEM) is used to model sound propagation in the presence of an inhomogeneous stream.
-The Ffowcs-Williams & Hawkings (FW-H) solver implements an acoustic analogy to simulate noise emitted by a fixed or rotating solid or permeable surface.
-Determination of eigenvalues (FEM method) for evaluating eigen acoustic modes, coupled vibro-acoustic modes and sound absorption by a material.
-Full integration with nonlinear harmonic analysis in NUMECA Fine / Turbo
-The full parallelism in each stage (MPI) on different types of operating systems
-complete visualization of the results of calculations needed and exporting Data
-Flexible visualization tools and processing results
-A graphical representation of the spectra or the timing diagrams in the virtual microphones and knots)
-Averaged estimates to obtain sound power, impedance, intensity, etc. by element groups
-Representation in linear frequencies and 1/3 octave bands
-A, C weighted sound pressure levels (correction for the sensitivity of the human ear)
-3D view of the calculated acoustic fields and distributions

NUMECA FINE / Acoustics 8.1 Win
Year / Date of Release 2018
Version :8.1
Developer:Numeca International Inc.
Interface language:English
Tabletka :present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System requirements:Win 7 / 8.1 / 10 32/64-bit Multiprocessor, multi-core PC, 512MB or more RAM, 1, 36 GB of free space on the hard drive for installing the program