商品編號: DVDXX16566
  商品名稱: KPlayer 2.0.1 MacOS 一款支持字幕添加的視頻播放軟件
  光碟片數: 1片
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KPlayer 2.0.1 MacOS 一款支持字幕添加的視頻播放軟件
KPlayer 是一款支持字幕添加的視頻播放軟件。它支持H.264硬件加速“,可以更好的播放720p,1080p視頻文件。

默認支持以下視頻格式:MP4, MOV, M4V。安裝Perian後可以支持AVI, MKV。

KPlayer is the video playback app. If 'H.264/HEVC Hardware Acceleration' is supported, it can play 1080p, 4K video files better smoothly.¹ Also it can enjoy a movie in the concise interface with the high-quality subtitles that are displayed quickly.

• 'H.264/HEVC Hardware Acceleration' support¹
• 'Aspect Ratio Settings' support
• 'Playback Speed Settings' support
• 'Skip' support
• 'Playlist' support²
• 'Continued Play' support
• 'Move to Trash’ support
Release Notes

• Requires macOS 10.11 or later.
• Totally re-coded. So, user settings from previous versions will no longer apply.
• Improves decoding and playing video, audio, subtitles.
• Improves decoding and playing video on Non-Hardware-Acceleration FFmpeg mode.
• Improves decoding and playing interlaced video on FFmpeg mode.
• Improves moving playback position.
• 'HEVC Hardware Acceleration' supports. This feature requires macOS 10.13 or later and recent CPU.
• 'Playback Speed Settings' supports on FFmpeg mode too.
• 'Commentary' feature added. It can show a plain text commentary file in a separate window.
• 'Exact' feature added. If it is on, forward/backward are moved by 3 seconds exactly. And this option uses more CPU/GPU.
• 'Hacc', '10-bit', 'Exact' option is valid only on FFmpeg mode. And '10-bit' option is valid only on Non-Hardware-Acceleration FFmpeg mode (automatic on Hardware-Acceleration FFmpeg mode).
• Some menus moved to side/bottom control-bar.
• Updates FFmpeg libraries.
Supported Operation Systems:
macOS 10.11 or later 64-bit