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  商品名稱: DICOM to NIfTI 1.11.0 一款能夠將DICOM圖像轉換為NIFTI格式的軟件
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DICOM to NIfTI 1.11.0 一款能夠將DICOM圖像轉換為NIFTI格式的軟件
DICOM to NIfTI是一款能夠將DICOM圖像轉換為NIFTI格式的軟件,軟件支持批量轉換,能夠將常見的醫學圖像NIfTI文件轉換為RAW、JPEG、JPEG 2000、JPEG- ls、RLE和大多數DICOM格式。

  支持raw、jpeg、jpeg 2000、jpeg-ls、rle和大多數DICOM格式。

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DICOM to NIfTI is a Windows application that facilitates a user-friendly interface for converting medical images with the DICOM file type into NIfTI data format (Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative). It supports batch processing.

Convert medical images from DICOM to NIfTI
Following a speedy setup operation that doesn't need complicated configurations and doesn't have software prerequisites, you're welcomed by the clean and intuitive window of DICOM to NIfTI, where you can begin by populating the conversion list with as many DICOM images as you wish, whether they have the .dcm or .dicom file extension.

A sample .dcm file is provided to demonstrate how the tool works. In addition to files, you can point out a folder to add all DICOM graphic items to the list. In the following step, you can specify a custom location for saving the new NIfTI files, unless you want to keep them stored in the same location as the source, then click "Convert" to start the job. It's not possible to change the output filenames, though (same as source).
View DICOM tags, choose the NIfTI file extension, and flip images
By opening the right-click menu, you can open a destination or source file and folder without leaving DICOM to NIfTI's interface, remove converted or failed items from the joblist, as well as view DICOM tags, including the tag ID, description, VR, length and value. Without modifying conversion options, the new files are created with the .nii file type. You can also opt for .nii.gz, .img and .hdr, or .img.gz and .hdr.gz, as well as ask the tool to flip the images horizontally or vertically.
For the flipping operation, it would've been useful if the utility has a built-in previewer for the source and destination files, especially useful if you don't currently have a DICOM or NIfTI viewer on your PC. It's not possible to convert files to different types in one go, so the conversion options apply to all DICOMs in the list.
A DICOM and/or NIfTI built-in previewer would've been useful
We haven't experienced any compatibility issues with Windows 10 in our tests. DICOM to NIfTI carried out conversion tasks quickly while remaining light on system resources usage. Thanks to its practical and intuitive settings, the tool should meet the requirements of many users looking for a straightforward solution for creating NIfTI files from DICOM images.

Converts DICOM images to NIfTI format
Supports RAW, JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG-LS, RLE, and most of DICOM formats
Supports NIfTI file format: .nii, .nii.gz, .nia, .img/.hdr, and .img.gz/.hdr.gz.
Includes command-line tool dcm2nii.exe