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  商品名稱: Wave Alchemy Syncussion Drums MULTiFORMAT 英文發音 僅限電腦播放 CD
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Wave Alchemy Syncussion Drums MULTiFORMAT 英文發音 僅限電腦播放 CD

The Pearl Syncussion SY-1 is an extremely rare analogue drum synthe-
sizer originally manufactured in 1979 by Pearl Musical Instruments.

This freaky little box is capable of producing a huge palette of
percussive sounds. powerful kicks and experimental sound effects
which carry a vintage sound inherent to its unique drum synthesis
methods and extremely raw sounding oscillators!

After finally getting our hands on one of these rare instruments we
just knew we had to sample it!

Syncussion Drums by Wave Alchemy captures the Pearl Syncussion
unique sonic character by offering no less than 1885 carefully
recorded 24-bit drum samples.

Sampling the Syncussion

Our goal was to record a versatile collection of drum hits from one
of the rarest and most powerful drum synths ever made...

We worked extremely hard to capture the raw sound of the Syncussion
SY-1 by recording both a huge selection of dry/unprocessed drum hits
as well as a variety of round robin samples and velocity variations.

On top of this we recorded a wealth of sounds directly through our
boutique selection of analogue outboard processors and high-end

Additionally. a number of sounds were re-sampled through our EMU
SP-12 Turbo to obtain a more lo-fi and gritty sound.

Last but by no means least we visited the world of analogue tape (a
Wave Alchemy first) by recording over 800 drum hits to 1/4?tape via
a Studer A80 Mk1 tape machine!